Reverse Psychology

Release Year: 2022
Cast: Whitney Wright, Liv Revamped, Christy Love
Genres: Brunette,Piercings,Girl On Girl,Natural Tits,Small Tits,Fingering,Milf,Pussy Licking,Asian,Facesitting,Latina,Interracial,Pussy To Mouth,Blowjob,Deepthroat,Cum In Mouth,Big Dick,Group Sex,Cum Swapping
Video language: English

Whitney Wright ushers Isiah Maxwell into her office and tells him to take a seat. At first glance, it seems like a regular appointment between a sex addict and his psychologist. Whitney closes the door and then immediately pounces on Isiah, both saying how much they missed the other. They talk about how even though the affair is unethical and unprofessional, they just can’t help it. Unable to keep their hands off each other, they begin making out hard and groping each other.
As they do, Whitney starts luring Isiah to say certain things, such as that she’s the only woman for him, that he hasn’t given in to his sex addiction recently, or seen anyone else.
Soon, Whitney smirks and stops their makeout. She calls two of her psychology colleagues, Liv Revamped and Christy Love, into the room. Isiah is shocked and clearly recognizes them both. It seems that Isiah has been having ‘appointments’ with each of them, and promising each that their affections have been helping him battle his sex addiction. All three are furious at having been duped.
Cornered and still eager to stay in the good graces of these beautiful women, Isiah begs for their forgiveness and promises to do anything they want to make amends for lying to them. Even though he’s caught, he’s so handsome and charming that they consider his offer.
Christy and Liv stand in a line and instruct him to get on his knees in front of them and take off their panties with his teeth. He is happy to oblige. Whitney then slips her panties off, instructing Isiah to take off his shirt. The women then take turns face-sitting on Isiah.
Still assertive and taking charge, the women then share Isiah’s dick for a group blowjob, passing it between them using their hands, sucking on his balls while another woman blows the shaft, and wetting it with saliva for each other. With Isiah still in his seated position, each woman takes a turn mounting him and riding his dick aggressively as the other two watch.
The women tauntingly tell Isiah he needs to pick up the pace, saying that if he is able to juggle seeing three women at once, fucking three at once should be no problem for him. The women all bend over and form a row, taunting Isiah to fuck them one after another, acting impatient for his dick. He pulls in and out of each of them every minute or so in an effort to pleasure them all, looking nervous but eager to keep them happy.
Isiah is doing all he can to make amends…but is it enough?

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