Office Inappropriate

Five action packed damsel in distress and ladies tricked into bondage , Office themed scenes featuring ladies in business attire, pantyhose, and short skirts. Lots of hot squirming and gagged talking. All gagging takes place on screen and close up for your viewing pleasure.
In the first scene sexy newcomer Ashley applies for a job behind the scenes at GRM Productions but Gina isn’t sure she is qualified for the position. When Ashley pleads that she will do anything to get the job, Gina takes total advantage of the situation but tying the sexy applicant, feeling her up and gagging her with a huge ball.
In scene two, Gina catches her personal assistant Derek stealing and decides to take matters into her own hand by chair tying her and applying a massive gag.
The following scene stars Samantha Grace as Gina’s lazy secretary. When Gina threatens to fire her, Samantha begs and pleads not to be let go. Gina decides to have some fun with the lazy employee by tying her up and menacing her with her stinky nylon clad feet.
Scene four features Gina Rae and Samantha working late in the office. The night janitor whom they have been harassing and making fun of over hears the pair cooking up a scheme to make some big money with insider trading. When the girls go too far with their snotty treatment, the janitor snaps and the pair end up bound and gagged on the office floor while he cashes in on their stock market tips.
The final scene stars Gina Rae as a snotty hotel guest who goes off on the bumbling room service guy. When she insists he call the hotel manager about his bumbling incompetence, he trusses her up tightly. As she is bitching on the floor, he calls up the hotel manager, whom Gina is confident will fire this staff member when he sees what is going on. To her horror, the hotel manager helps hold and gag Gina before leaving, and once the manager is gone she is worked over by her very own Hitachi that the room service guy finds in her suit case. It is alternated on her pantyhose clad feet and crotch. She goes from howling with laughter to fighting orgasm until she finally looses it and ends up thrashing, screaming into her gag with eyes rolling back into her head as she cums.
Great storylines with onscreen gagging, heels, short skirts, elbow, breast bondage, office attire, foot tickling, orgasm, pumps, stocking feet, groping, and of course pantyhouse!!

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Duration: 1:16:11
Video: 640×480, XviD, 1491kbps
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