Rosie Hogtied – Part 1

Rosie’s attitude is much better, but she still requires training. I lead her in by her hair with her wrists already bound, and immediately start to roughly grope and manhandle her. Soon, I strap in a very big, black, ballgag before I turn her around and start spanking her ass. It does not take long before she can’t handle the gag any longer, so will for sure be doing a gag session before long. I see a roll of vetwrap laying around. so I use it to cleave gag her. I continue smacking her ass and roughly groping her tits and in between, I clover clamp her nipples. Her panties are cut off and she is crotch roped. I also tie the clamps overhead, before I start binding her legs. The tears start streaming as I continue binding her legs. When I have her thighs thoroughly bound, I notice one clamp has come loose, so I immediately remedy that. I order her to turn in a tight circle. Rosie says she can’t… I gently guide her and she her that she indeed can. She cries, whimpers and whines as she manages 1 full revolution. I remove the clamps, but Rosie still has not learned any manners, and she is reminded. I seat her and walk away. This is where Part 1 ends.

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