Ivy (Sexy Cheerleader Gets More Trick Than Treat!)

Release Year: 2023
Cast: Ivy
Genres: Gonzo, Hardcore ,Couples, All Sex ,POV, Anal
Video language: English

Happy Halloween to all our Casting Couch goblins out there! We’ve got a sexy spooky smoke show for ya this week. 25 year old Ivy is here and she’s gonna do anal for the first time. This girl has a rockin’ body, she was a cheerleader in High School… and you know what? She has both the appearance and the body of a cheerleader, so this is gonna be fun. She’s a nice, personable young lady who seems to have a good head on her shoulders. Once Rick gets her naked, we can see everything else about her is good too. She’s got no problem playing with toys in front of strangers, and even though she’s not done anal, she gets that plug in and doesn’t seem to mind it. She’s pretty leery when it’s time to suck my cock. She’s worried she’s not gonna make it to her Halloween party,but Rick promises her she’ll be done in enough time to make an appearance as not just a pirate, but a SEXY pirate… go figure. Down on her knees she goes and to suckin’ she gets. She’s a great little cocksucker, and getting my cock sucked is my favorite. That pesky buttplug keeps falling out but when we get to the doggy, I get it back in there and she really seems to like it. Over on the couch we do some riding and face fucking, and then it’s time for the anal. She’s such a good sport. We start by taking it kinda slow, then it’s off to the races. Our little Ivy takes an anal pounding like a champion. She’s got such a sweet ass! IDK, she just reminds me of the hot girl cheerleader from high school I never got to bang, and it’s really nice ya’ll. After gaping that sweet ass while she’s riding me, we move to the chair and I pound her until I unload in her ass. After the anal creampie, Rick gives her a chance to get off, and she gets a nice little O on the couch after. What a gentleman. Rick then gets her dressed, and gets her an Uber to her party, while mentioning she’s not getting paid. I think she’s more concerned about this party lol. Looks like you got more Trick than Treat Ivy.

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Duration: 1:05:00
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