Make Me Good, Daddy

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Stepdad Derrick (Pierce) is sternly confronting his stepdaughter Lulu (Chu) about her bad behavior, namely her desire for more than just fatherly love from him. Her repeated response of “Because I wanted to” doesn’t cut it with daddy. Lulu apologizes and pleads with him: “If I listen, if I’m good, will you, can you try to love me?”. Derrick resists but does concede that if she listens and does what she’s told he will return to the subject later. Later on, while she’s dutifully putting away all the dishes in the kitchen cabinet, he calls her over and announces: “You’ve been such a good girl, I wanted to give you a little reward: a kiss, but you can’t tell anyone”. Lulu is thrilled, and it turns out to be a French kiss, but stepdad insists that’s enough -no second kiss. She flirts to no avail, as he slaps her behind and sends her off to do chores…
That night, a dejected Lulu confessed to daddy that she broke her promise and told a girl (who she’s never even met) online about kissing him. Derrick is disappointed in her failing to obey him, and Lulu’s solution is to ask him: “Just punish me”. He answers her with the revelation that he was about to reward her for good behavior but that’s canceled. Lulu gets down on her knees to beg for forgiveness, pleading: “Daddy, I want to be good -you can make me good”.
Beside himself, Derrick says: “You’re crazy -you don’t even know what you’re doing. You should be seeing somebody your own age”. She responds: “You’re the only man who’s ever excited me, daddy. I hate my mother”. “I love your mother”, he insists, but she says: “Why can’t you love both of us?”. Derrick orders her to go back to her room, but much to Lulu’s surprise, changes his tune: “Stop! Close the door and lock it”. Lulu lets a hint of a smile creep across her face, as her back is still turned to him.
“There can’t be any more slip-ups, no mistakes. If you do, I’ll leave you” is his ultimatum. “How can I prove I’m obedient, daddy?”, she asks. “I want to make you a good girl. You want to show me your tits, don’t you?”, he says, giving her orders, followed by a request of the topless girl to give him a lapdance. “You want to see my cock, don’t you? Why don’t you take off those panties and show me your pretty, little pussy?”, he asks. Lulu obeys without hesitation. Watch the taboo scene unfold…

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