Cum Gluttons: Slumber Party Squirtfest

Cast: Gia Derza, Vina Sky, Jenna Foxx
Genres: Brunette, Big Tits, Threesome, Natural Tits, Small Tits, Rim Job, Fingering, TeenToys, Squirting, Pussy Licking, Petit
Video language: English

Gia Derza is hosting a slumber party for two of her friends from school, Vina Sky and Jenna Foxx. Gia’s parents are away, so they have the whole house to themselves. They decide to enjoy this freedom by talking about sexy gossip from school, and then the topic of sending nude photos comes up. The three girls all admit they’ve never sent any, and decide to try taking ‘the perfect nudes’ of each other. To ease into it, they start by taking fully clothed pictures in sexy poses, then move on to doing topless photos.Wanting to take even racier photos, they decide that the pictures will look better if they tweak each other’s nipples to make them perkier. Gia and Jenna tweak Vina’s nipples, then playfully start licking her nipples as well. But then Vina becomes embarrassed, admitting that she might squirt if they keep going. Gia and Jenna are surprised and admit that they squirt too, leading to the three girls bonding over this new knowledge.The girls’ sexual curiosity gets the better of them, and they agree to play a game where the first person to squirt ‘loses’. They try body licking, groping, and mutual masturbation to get each other to squirt. Eventually, Gia loses when she ends up squirting a little. Vina and Jenna say that Gia has to give them pussy-to-ass licking and rimming as ‘punishment’. Gia agrees, but after she’s done the three girls lose all self-moderation as they start trying to make each other squirt more and more.Vina and Jenna use their hands to get Gia to squirt all over herself, then Vina masturbates until she squirts into Gia’s mouth. Gia kisses the other two girls, to share the taste of Vina’s squirt. Jenna squirts next, and Gia manages to catch some of it in her mouth. Eager for more, Gia and Vina masturbate until they squirt again, and Jenna eagerly laps it up. They pleasure each other with fingers, tongues, and a vibrator to produce more squirt, and try various sex positions including tribbing and a daisy chain/triangle. They also rub and grind their bodies together to smear the squirt around, and do three-way kissing with tongue so they can enjoy the taste of so much squirting. By the time they finally remember that this whole thing started because they wanted to take photos, they manage to take a nude group photo that will make a perfect souvenir of this wild night.

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Duration: 54:01
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