My Virginity is a Burden VII Melody Marks MissaX 4K

Release Year: 2024

Annie (Melody Marks) thinks her stepbro Joseph (Parker Ambrose) is hot, but they don’t get along. He’s obsessed with sex, constantly bringing home a new girl, while she’s a bit uptight and not into dating just anyone.
He criticizes her, calling her “‘s little princess”. According to Joseph, she never lets loose, to let her enjoy herself. On impulse, he grabs his sis*er and puts her on the couch next to him, stealing a kiss. “You’re not hitting on me!”, she exclaims. “Maybe”, he says. Melody’s heart races. She has long felt attracted to Joseph, but oh– he is such a brat!
Annie follows her presumptuous step bro to his bedroom, he can’t just walk away from her! She sits down beside him. He apologizes and they make up for the moment. Annie closes the door and opens up, about how their parents have been badgering her lately about the need to find a boyfriend. She complains that unlike boys, she can’t just use a dating app and swipe right on any guy in order to hook up. Joseph counters: “It’s easy” and kisses her again. She has to concede that it felt good. “Now imagine I’m some other man, some complicated man”, he suggests. Closing her eyes and clasping her hands together as if in prayer, Annie says: “Mysterious, deep -a man with layers”. Joseph smiles and says: “Whatever. Just lean in and kiss the other guy”. She hesitates, and he says: “Just try, Annie”. She leans over and kisses her stepbro on the lips,. After several lusty smooches, she pulls away, declaring: “I can’t believe I just did that”.
He admits that he’s become horny, but invites her to go, but Annie hesitates. “I can’t just leave you here feeling who knows what kind of way. You were just trying to help -I should apologize. What can I do?”, she says. “Maybe another kiss?”, he suggests. Getting back on the bed, she kisses him in earnest, and Joseph moves on top of her. At first she insists they remain clothed while continuing to kiss passionately, and then she gets on top of him.
“Don’t worry, I’ll be nice”, Joseph assures her, and removes her top, revealing her naked breasts -she wasn’t wearing a bra. “Better than all those girls on your phone?”, she asks. When he agrees, she wonders: “Not just because I’m the only one here?”. He kisses her again, and whispers: “You’re better in every way”. Reversing their positions, he asks her: “Can you handle it?”. Annie agrees, and he smiles, asking: “Handle what?”. “I can handle your big cock, bro”, Annie says.
Joseph removes her panties, and gently begins licking Annie’s pussy. When his dick pops up out of his pants, Annie says: “Maybe I’m not so ready”, surprised by its size. A couple of kisses later, he begins rubbing its head against her swollen pussy, and she says “I’m ready, stepbro -I think”. He enters her very slowly, as Annie expresses some pain, but after several tries he succeeds in penetrating her fully. Watch the taboo scene unfold…

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